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Benefits of Recycling: Why not take advantage of them?

There are so many benefits of recycling that compressing this list into just five main points is a difficult task! Recycling your cardboard, glass and paper into new and exciting products is something that everyone should make an active effort to do, as it reduces landfill waste, conserves natural resources and maintains a sustainable environment for future generations.

Reduces waste

Recycling paper, cardboard and glass can reduce the quantities of these items that are present in landfill sites and combustion facilities. Reducing the amount of waste that is sent to landfill can reduce the negative impact of problems like pollution and the fact that they are often an eyesore for any nearby residents. Recycling can help to prevent the buildup of excess waste on these sites.


Conserves resources

Recycling conserves natural resources like timber, water and minerals, as by reusing waste products, new materials that would otherwise be used are saved. This means these natural materials are not wasted, and energy is saved as a result. Old materials that are sourced from recycling plants can be reused to make all sorts of products, like asphalt for road construction or pens and paper.


Prevents pollution

Pollution can be caused by the collection of new materials to be used in everything from construction on roads and buildings to industry. The extraction of certain materials can cause all sorts of pollution – for example, quarrying causes noise pollution and damage to the environment, chemical plants emit greenhouse gases and felling can disrupt ecosystems.


Creates jobs

Within the recycling industry are many opportunities for different jobs in manufacturing, transportation and collection, to name a few. This can improve the unemployment rate in certain areas and can offer new workers the opportunity to move up through the ranks of different companies. The industry presents all sorts of jobs, suitable for a variety of skill sets, all of which can offer a substantial wage.


Environmental benefits

Probably the most obvious benefits to recycling are the environmental benefits – these include the aforementioned decrease in pollution, but can also include a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions which in turn contribute to climate change on a global scale. In general, recycling preserves the environment for future generations, providing a sustainable solution for the waste disposal needs of a nation, due to the reduced need for new materials and resources.