remove hazardous waste

Steps to Remove Hazardous Waste

All waste that is suspected to be hazardous must be handled properly and in the correct way. No hazardous waste produced by a business in the UK should cause harm or damage to anything or anyone. When you remove Hazardous waste it must be handled in a certain way to avoid this, and certain steps must be followed.

Identify your waste

Before doing anything, you must identify the type of hazardous waste that you have. This may be asbestos, chemicals, batteries, solvents, pesticides, oils, and equipment containing ozone depleting substances such as fridges. Identifying your waste as the first step will allow you to work out the best way to dispose of it.

Follow the procedure for business

If your hazardous waste is produced or stored by your business, then there are particular steps you need to take. Classifying your waste, as mentioned above, is the first step. Then, you must separate and store your hazardous waste, and use authorised companies to come and collect and dispose of the waste safely. A consignment note will be given to you, which you must fill out and give copies to the waste collecting company. You must keep a record of consignment notes, consignee returns and any other hazardous waste related documents for 3 years.

Get your waste collected

It is not enough to simply identify your waste and then throw it away as you normally would – When you remove hazardous waste it needs to be treated with care and removed by a certified company. Companies will supply a range of different services, like transporting hazardous waste tankers and collecting packaged or drummed waste. It is important that you ensure the company is registered and legitimate, as it could cause a lot of problems for you should the company turn out to be unauthorised by the government.

Contact the Environment Agency

Hazardous waste can be a confusing thing to try and dispose of, due to the many different steps and requirements involved. If you have any questions, then contacting the Environment Agency is the best way to get these answered by experienced and trusted professionals. The Environment Agency will be equipped to advise you on all aspects of hazardous waste, from identifying to disposal. If you have an incident involving when you remove hazardous waste, such as a large spill, then reporting this to the Agency is also required, as they will be able to sort this out for you.


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