Waste Removal Warrington – Will it be affected by Brexit?


ADS Recycling offer waste removal in Warrington and the surrounding areas. However, there have been revelations recently concerning the Brexit negotiations that have raised questions on the waste removal and recycling practice in the U.K., which will ultimately impact waste removal and recycling in Warrington and nationwide.

The chair of the House of Commons environmental audit, Mary Creagh has voiced her concerns relating to recycling and waste management. She feels that if Britain leaves the EU, the current recycling and environmental legislations will be bypassed, meaning waste management in Warrington could be affected. Mary raised her concerns during a conference that took place this month (September 2016) in Birmingham for the RWM. She feels that environmental legislations are going to be one of the most affected processes by Brexit.

Mary who is based in Wakefield, not a million miles from us in Warrington, has said that she has had verbal evidence from ministers earlier in the month, that the government have not yet focused a strategy for the environment. ADS Recycling want to ensure that recycling and waste management in Warrington is still at the forefront of peoples mind’s, regardless of whether or not we are in the EU.


During the conference Mary Said;

“I don’t think there are other areas that will be more affected by the Referendum result than the environment. 80% of our national regulations and legislation on the environment comes from the European Union. We’ve heard that the negotiations are going to be complex, they are going to be long and they are going to be difficult.

We heard last week from ministers from DEFRA and the new Department for Exiting the EU, and the message I took from our evidence session is that there is no process. They can’t say if they are going to repeal the European Communities Act, and then reverse engineer back in the stuff they want.”

Mary feels that as the EU directives process the targets at present for landfill and waste and recycling then this is going to be left behind as and when we leave the EU. ADS Recycling are going to try and do all we can to ensure waste management in Warrington is not affected. If the legislations are not put into place as per Mary’s concerns, there would be no obligations to meet recycling targets as we would not be bound to the EU legislation. This is a concern to people who care about the environment including us at ADS, so we need to ensure that whatever the situation, we will continue in providing excellent recycling and waste management in Warrington.

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