Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Hire

1.0 This is for a 14 day hire for all other sizes. The skip WILL automatically be collected on the last day of the hire period, unless otherwise arranged/agreed.

2.0 If delivery is required to a location off the public highway the company vehicle is under the sole direction of the customer ordering the skip during the whole time that it is away from the public highway. The customer will be solely responsible for any damage caused to any property, drive way, land etc and to the company vehicle, if any costs are incurred by the company as a result of the vehicle being directed off the public highway then this will be passed onto the customer hiring the skip.

3.0 If delivery is required to be located on the public highway we will obtain a skip permit to place the skip on the public highway under section 13 of the Highways Act 1980 from the relevant council where possible. All conditions imposed by the relevant council must be followed by the customer and all costs incurred for the skip permit will be covered by the customer. Skips lights will be provided at an extra cost to the customer, any additional cones, fencing etc will be the responsibility of the person hiring the skip.

4.0 No skips are to be placed on public grass verses.

5.0 Customers shall reimburse us in the respect of loss or damage to the skip whilst on hire to them. Customers shall also fully indemnify us in respect of any claim for injuries that arise out of the use of the skip whilst on hire to them.

6.0 Customers must ensure that the safe loading of waste into the skip and observe the following rules:

  • DO NOT LIGHT FIRES in the skip.
  • Do not place liquid cement or concrete in the skip
  • Do not place corrosive acid or noxious substance in the skip
  • Please ensure that the skip is not loaded above the side level of the skip
  • To pay all extra expenses and costs including possibly as new skip which may result from non-observance of the above
  • Must understand what cannot place in the skip and accept any addition charges that may occur

7.0 Any banned items that are on the banned list, such as tyres, plasterboard, carpets, sofas, matrasses placed in the skips will be charged at an additional charge, please check with the office before placing any banned items in the skip.

8.0 48 hours’ notice is required to terminate the hire of the skip and to arrange collection.

9.0 In the event of the highway authority or the police exercising their powers to or to cause us to put lights on the skip, resite the skip or even remove the skip during the period of hire the customer acknowledges that they are responsible for all costs incurred.

10.0 If the skip is required for a longer period than the length of the hire we can arrange this, please contact the office for more information on the charges for the rental.